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Michael Frayn's "Copenhagen" opening in the South End on Friday! - The Boston Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Michael Frayn's "Copenhagen" opening in the South End on Friday! [Jan. 4th, 2012|03:32 pm]
The Boston Community
"The Bomb Had Already Gone Off Inside Your Head"

So says nuclear physicist Werner Heisenberg to his mentor Niels Bohr in Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen, a theatrical thought experiment about the moral and personal questions that haunted the first creators of atomic weaponry. The 1941 meeting in Nazi-occupied Denmark between the Danish Bohr, who would go on to participate in the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, and the German Heisenberg, head of the Nazi nuclear program, is one of the most enigmatic and inscrutable moments in 20th century scientific (and military) history. Was Heisenberg trying to warn his friend, or to weasel military secrets out of him? Did this conversation shift the outcome of the war, or only destroy a long-standing friendship? Who bears the responsibility for the real world results of scientific discoveries? Flat Earth Theatre invites you to venture into the minds and memories of these eminent physicists in an intimate staging this January at the Factory Theatre.

Copenhagen features Emily Hecht as Margrethe Bohr, Matthew Zahnzinger as Niels Bohr, and Kevin Kordis as Werner Heisenberg. Jake Scaltreto directs this exploration of quantum uncertainty, wartime morality, and the unreliability of memory.

Performances are at 8PM on January 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th & 14th, and at 2PM on Sunday, January 8th.
Tickets are $15 (+ service fee) in advance, or $20 (cash or check only) at the door. $10 Student Rush tickets are available at the door to current students presenting valid I.D. The performance on Thursday, January 12th, will be Pay-What-You-Can ($5 suggested minimum donation). Click here to reserve your ticket!
The Factory Theatre is located at the back of The Piano Factory, 791 Tremont Street, Boston. The entrance is through the parking lot on Northampton Street, a short distance from the Orange Line T-Stop and reachable by the #1 and #47 MBTA bus routes. We regret that the venue is not wheelchair accessible, and that there is no parking available in the Northampton Street lot. Click here for directions and a map of the neighborhood.
To Learn More check out our website, pre-production photos on flickr, and the ongoing Copenhagen Dramaturgy Blog!