More Cowbell! (anomie666) wrote in b0st0n,
More Cowbell!

Davis Square Yard Sale

Sunday, July 27th, from 11am to 3pm in Hodgkins Park (near Davis Square on Holland Street).

There is still time to donate! If you want to just bring your things to the location that morning, that would also be good. The davis_square community yard sale has even gotten press coverage.

I even have a flyer that I will spare posting directly.

All proceeds benefit the Somerville Homeless Coalition and the Executive Director of the SHC will be in attendance.

Hippies and yard sales,
You know its for a good cause,
There might be free hugs.

EDIT: Is anyone coming to the event that lives in the Fenway area? We know of someone wishing to donate items without a way of getting there. Email me at if you can do this good deed!

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