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Event on Saturday to get DRM out of the Boston Public Library - The Boston Community — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Event on Saturday to get DRM out of the Boston Public Library [Feb. 7th, 2008|11:04 am]
The Boston Community



DefectiveByDesign.org has announced an action against libraries that support DRM on their collections. Boston locals can join them this Saturday from 1pm to 3pm at the Boston Public Library's main branch, and non-locals are encouraged to stage an action against their own library if it's using DRM.

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(I'll be there.)


[User Picture]From: johnsu01
2008-02-07 06:50 pm (UTC)
I see what you mean. We are acting against a choice that was made by the library, and we do think that choice is inconsistent with their mandate. But in the end what we want is to solve the problem of DRM in the library. Also, events like this give supportive voices within the library (I bet there are people there opposed to DRM) something to point to to help their argument. I agree that that quoted bit is a little harsh.

We did, for what it's worth, send the library a public letter quite a while ago. We didn't get a reply.
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[User Picture]From: swerve
2008-02-07 10:53 pm (UTC)
If you want people to believe that the library chose DRM over non-DRM, you need to provide that information.
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From: scolford
2008-02-09 02:58 pm (UTC)

Hey wait a minute.

If you're referring to Richard Stallman's letter from a couple years ago, I replied to him personally. That's never been acknowledged on the FSF site.

Scot Colford
Applications Manager
Boston Public Library
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