Ron Newman (ron_newman) wrote in b0st0n,
Ron Newman

Place a REAL hoax bomb, get off scot-free

Remember the bomb scare at New England Medical Center on 1/31, that happened at the same time as all the Mooninite foolishness?

According to today's Herald, the perpetrator has been identified -- and will not be charged with any crime. Meanwhile, Sean and Peter are still facing felony charges.

Wrist slap for alleged pipe bomb prankster
A carpenter at Tufts-New England Medical Center who allegedly planted a phony pipe bomb as a prank against a coworker - forcing a frantic evacuation as cops responded to unrelated hoax devices throughout the city - was slapped with a two-week job suspension but faces no criminal charges, the Herald has learned.

“We consulted with the District Attorney’s office and it was decided there was no probable cause to charge the individual criminally,” Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said yesterday. “Believe me, it’s frustrating. If there was a way we could charge this guy, we would do it.

“This was made up to look like a pipe bomb. This is nothing to be fooling around with.”

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