November 6th, 2008

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I need to get out of the city.
I have zipcar and a few hours this weekend. I'm looking for a place that is not a bar/mall/place that has any dress code or expected dress where you go to be calm/relax/unwind etc. Any favorite spots?

Doctor Bu
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Mah toe!

Hey all,

I was looking through some past entries here on good ol' b0st0n, and I was wondering—I've got a bit of a, well, infection at the moment it seems, and without getting into too much detail, I think it's time to see a doctor.

I saw that Harvard Vanguard was recommended a lot, but I'm thinking that that would be more of a general practice kinda thing—you know, a doctor you always go to. I have a doctor back at home, but I'd like to see someone pretty soon. Would I be able to see a doctor at Vanguard just for a single visit? Is there a better alternative?

Thanks a ton!

EDIT: Maybe a podiatrist would be a better option...I'm not an expert, but I feel it's pretty general and could be taken care of by a regular doctor...

zone 8 mbta pass

hello -
i purchased a zone 8 t-pass for the month of november.  now i will not need it any more.  is anyone interested in purchasing it?  please private message me, comment here, or send an email to lorasays @

if this is an inappropriate forum to sell such a thing, please let me know and i will delete the post.

rental halls

I want  to host  a  medium size (70-100 guests) going  away  party in two  weeks  on a very small budget. A  VFW or Knights  of  Columbus  post would  be ideal, except those places do not have websites. Rather than calling  each  one to  ask  if  they have a rental  hall, does  anyone have direct experience  or can  recommend a cheap  rental  hall in  the  Boston  area? Boston area includes Newton, Dedham,  West Roxbury, Somerville,  etc. 

I can only spend  a few  hundred  for  three/four  hours  on a weekend  night, including bartender. Food is  an extra  cost  and  may be catered  from an outside  vendor depending on the in-house  cost.  Honestly,  I would  not mind order  a  few  dozen pizzas and  calling it  a  day.

Moving is stressful enough,  so any  help is appreciated!

Edit - I decided over  the past hour since  this post  to stick  with the  deal I  already found  (secret contact  at the Newton  Elks Lodge), but change  the date. Did  I mention I'm already  stressed?  But thanks to those who responded :)

The Castle gone?

I heard that Dominic Luberto's mansion on the Arborway in JP was being sold, meaning no more brilliantly tacky Xmas light display this year. It's a mansion worth millions, so maybe it's not been sold and we'll see the illuminations soon? I hope so, it would be worth a trip to photograph. Anyone know about the status of this?


Helping Out

Well hey there everyone.

It's the start of the holiday season and I am looking for some charitable organizations to volunteer with. Does anyone know of groups that give out thanksgiving baskets (we did this in Detroit but it was usually churches) or anyone that works with kids/womens shelters in the city?

Basically, I want to spend my holidays helping the less fortunate (or anyone who needs help really) so if someone could point me in the right direction, that would be great.

Side note: I would prefer to work for a non-profit so the Salvation Army is out. Also, I know about the big organizations like Good Fellows, Meals on Wheels and Toys for Tots. I was hoping to find something more local/grassroots because I figure that they will need more help.

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Theatre@First's 'Rimers of Eldrtich'- opens tomorrow in Somerville!

Theatre@First's 'The Rimers of Eldritch' is here!  Trailer!  This Friday and Sunday are almost sold out.  It's a ~50 seat house. 
A murder trial unfolds, and as frost, or 'rime,' descends over the land, this community reveals its demons and its heart.

Nov 7-8, 13-15, 20-22 8pm, Nov 9 3pm matinee.
$12 general/ $10 seniors & students
Ticket reservation link, or 1-888-874-7554, or email tickets at theatreatfirst dot org.

Special Venue!:
Elizabeth Peabody House Theater, (w/pic), Winter Hill, Somerville.
Second floor, no elevator. Roman numeral clockfaces on tower.
 277 Broadway, by McGrath Hwy. On 101 & 89 bus lines.

Clothing Drive, November 5 - 19, South Station (Boston)

The NonProfit Center and Second Chances' Semi-Annual Clothing Drive

Open to tenants, neighbors and the community.

Look for the collection area in The NonProfit Center Lobby, 89 South Street, Boston, Massachusetts

Wednesday, November 5 to Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Questions? Email Andrea at or Jackie at

Second Chances, Inc.