June 12th, 2008


More info on the bridge crash

I'm on an Boston alumni list for my college and got this email last night. I'm not sure if you all have found more info about the truck crashing into the Longfellow Bridge (can't read LJ at work), but I had to share this six degrees of separation info. The truck, in short, was a moving truck for these people.

Edit: I've spoken with the lady again and she really appreciates the offers to provide her family with furnishings, etc. However, the items that were in the truck were actually being sent to storage. So while they need to replace the stuff eventually, they have all of their immediate needs being met right now. So no donations are needed. But she and I thank you very much for offering the help.

But keep the advice coming! Thanks.

Subject: Moving problems -- need advice
From: Unfortunate Lady
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 15:01:41 -0400

Hello all,

This is my first time posting to this list and I'm hoping that someone will
be able to help! My husband and I contracted with a moving company,
Broadway Express, to drive our belongings from Boston to Oakland, CA.
Yesterday, after the truck was packed by local professional movers, the
Broadway Express driver drove down Mt. Vernon Street, turned onto Storrow
Drive and promptly hit the Longfellow Bridge (11' clearance and a 13' 6"
truck), shearing off the entire top and sides of the truck and distributing
our belongings across the road. We have the standard moving insurance
offered by this company, which is $0.60/lb. In retrospect, we should
probably have tried to get better coverage, but who would have thought that
the truck driver would try to scrape the top 2.5 feet off of his vehicle?

My question for the list is: does anyone have experience in dealing with a
total moving disaster? How can we maximize our reimbursement? Most of the
furniture was damaged and a good deal was totally destroyed. The moving
company claims that we need to pay for the move in order to file a claim, so
they have already charged my credit card. This was our first experience
using professional movers and I can't say I enjoyed it.

Thank you in advance for any advice and let me know if you'd like to see
pictures -- I have a ton.

Unfortunate People
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BBQ Meeting 2008

Okay, so I've picked a date for the BBQ / Picnic / Meetup Extravaganza.

JULY 12.

Please comment with venue suggestions! I will do the research/work regarding permits/permission etc.
Let's limit this to the greater Boston area. I don't want to go to Natick. Nothing against Natick. Love that mall!

Additionally, outdoor suggestions are welcome too. Part of the fun of a picnic or BBQ is eating while trying to swat flies away from your food.

Plus, most restaurants don't allow frisbees & waterguns indoors.

**Contrary to my previous posts, you do not need to provide verification of your IQ or be super hot to attend. ;)
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My dad is here for a business trip from CA and we have gone out to eat a few times already this week. He wants to meet up tonight but I just dont have time. I suggested going for a quick, small bite to eat (this could even be just appetizers) so I can get home at a decent time. He is staying @ The Westin in Waltham and I live in Somerville. He prefers to drive somewhere that is easily accessed by someone unfamiliar with the area and no gps. Does anyone have a suggestion for a quick eat in between these two places? Thanks!
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Good Time Emporium Meetup

As the all-knowing ron_newman noted in this post, Good Time Emporium in Somerville will close its doors on June 30 to make way for an Ikea. Personally, I think we would all be better off if they just share the space (think of the possibilities), but then again, I like the idea of a KFC/Tanning Salon/Maryland State Police Substation (this actually exists).

In the scant time we have left to enjoy this Greater Boston landmark, I propose a meetup. I'm just gonna throw June 20 out as a possible date, but I leave it to your snarky wisdom in the end.

Cross-posted to davis_square and somervillemass.

(no subject)

I mean, I don't work here anymore but I'll share it anyway:

"On Thursday, June 14th, Hard Rock is paying tribute to 37 years of rock 'n' roll memories and Legendary Burgers with a Founders' Day celebration honoring the men and women behind the badge. As part of our Burger Badge Bash, civil servants, including police, firefighters and emergency medical technicians, are invited to visit participating Hard Rock Cafes in the continental U.S., Canada and Europe to enjoy a burger from Hard Rock's 'Legendary Experience' selection, for just 71 cents-- commemorating 1971, the birth year of Hard Rock!"

A bus to Philly?

The other day, everyone provided great advice about cheap bus fare to NYC--- Is there an inexpensive bus that does round trips to Philly? Or maybe a train? My friends and I (about 6 of us) are looking into visiting this summer for a weekend, and no one has a car at the moment.

Thanks, and fuck the MBTA.

Free Passes - Anime movie in Randolph

I have a pair of passes to tonight's showing of the Bleach: Memories of Nobody movie that I can't use, and am looking to not let go to waste.

Showtime is 7:30, at the Randolph Showcase Cinema, you'll need to be able to get there and back on your own, as well as meet me and get the tickets. I might be willing to arrainge meeting at the theatre, but it depends on timing.

I saw this last night (because if I'm dork enough to win tickets, I'm dork enough to see it) and it was pretty good, reasonable back story if you don't know anything about the anime, and enough fanservice to make most of the kiddies in the audience squeal in delight. There will be annoying teenagers dressed up as Naruto, just to warn you. But it was lovely to see on the big screen.

Comment here, or email my user name at livejournal.com.

I poked MBTA.com, who yelled "NERD!" at me and logged off. Google Maps thinks it's mom might get the minivan and take them but isn't sure. besides, Google's kimono is in the laundry.
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Hi there; I was wondering if anyone knew of any good electrolysis places in/around Back Bay. Also, if you have done this before do you prefer it to waxing?


Oh, and MBTA was no help.. feel free to snark if need be, I love a good cat macro every now and then :)

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Storrow truck crash - update

A few days ago someone witnessed an all-too-commonly-seen crash under the Longfellow Bridge.

I happened to be perusing the Consumerist website, and came across a more detailed account of the accident from the victim. Also more photos.

Apparently it was someone moving to CA, and they had hired a professional mover that really should have known better. What really sucks is that a lot of their stuff got destroyed, and they still charged them for the move! Wow.

The great roommate search.

We are two fun/courteous/arty-yet-professional/other-adjectives-as-well mid-twenty-somethings who seek a third person with whom to cohabitate. We live in JP and plan to keep it that way. You are nice, clean but need not be the most orderly (i.e. my room is a mess of clothes but nothing smells funky), and possess the remainder of the slew of usual wonderful roommate attributes. You don't mind it if we like beer, meat, LGBT people or television - because we do! If you're reading this then chances are you have the typical b0st0n snarky sense of humor, and this would fit well with us. We will also entertain "person with apartment seeking two roommates." If that exists. Because that would be cool.

We bring to the table: HDTV, Dishwasher (portable for use ANYWHERE!), washer/dryer (if there is a hookup) and of course, ourselves. We have no pets, but a fish tank exists and will be recieving fish once the moving is done.

Snark/questions/comments/flames... go.

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Hey b0st0n!

I'm a 20-year-old queer kid spending my summer here, and I have completely fallen in love with this place.  The Pride parade and festival this weekend will be my first ever; is anyone else going?  Any tips on navigating what looks like a completely overwhelming festival (The Phoenix estimated 500,000 spectators)?

I've only been watching this community for a little while, so I'm sorry if Pride's been discussed at any length already!