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This Sunday - Indie Rock Yoga in JP [May. 16th, 2007|01:13 pm]
The Boston Community


[music |Your Ex-Lover Is Dead]

Please join us this Sunday, May 20 for the debut of "The Bends - Yoga that Rocks." This class will consist of a 90 minute energetic Forrest Yoga class set to the sounds of eclectic indie rock.

While the class will be geared towards all levels of students, this isn't by any means a dumbed down version of yoga. Like any Forrest Yoga class, it will go deep and awaken the body from the inside out. Just like an excellent rock show or record, the music will serve as a conduit to help make a physical-emotional connection. Whether it’s downward dog to Belle and Sebastian, sun salutations to Stereolab or hip-openers to Sonic Youth, the soundtrack will be fun and energizing and it will change every week.

Class price for drop-in students is $15 with a $3 discount for anyone sporting a rock club wristband, hand-stamp or any other obvious signs of a healthy Saturday night rock experience. For an additional $5, you can stick around for socializing, more music and a post-class vegan snacks (debut class will feature yummy vegan pizza).

So, if you have friends who are more comfortable in a dark rock club than a yoga studio and may be somewhat suspicious of your yoga habit, bring them by for some yoga and fun!
For more information, check us out at www.mindfuldogyoga.com.