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February 1st, 2007 - The Boston Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Boston Community

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February 1st, 2007

"Boston, you're my home...."????? [Feb. 1st, 2007|01:09 am]
The Boston Community


So I'm driving through rural North Carolina today looking around at the run-down cars and people who look suspiciously inbred at the Wendys where I stopped for lunch and wondering what it must be like to live down here. I get back in my truck and channel-surf the radio and land on NPR, just in time to hear them run a story about a "bomb hoax" in Boston. Of course, being 1100 miles from home, I wonder what manner of cold hell has broken loose that caused them to shut down the entire city.

Right..... Mooninites.

And then they played Mumbles' news conference.

At that point, this little podunk town nestled in the Smoky Mountains didn't look so fucking backwards after all.
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Mooninite defense [Feb. 1st, 2007|01:30 am]
The Boston Community


Maybe if they really try to screw the guy who put up the Mooninites, a legal defense fund could be mounted by making light-up Mooninites out of xmas lights and selling them. I REALLY want my own, but they're selling for over $3000 on eBay.
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I dont know [Feb. 1st, 2007|02:26 am]
The Boston Community


[Current Location |brookline, MA]
[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |The Flowers, Regina Spektor]

I'm having a party and I need to get a keg. I've never gotten one before so I have no idea how to go about it. So I have a few questions for you people of Boston.

1. I'm in the Brookline area, whats the best place to get one?
2. About how much do they go for? (no fancy beer, I'm a poor college student)
3. How do I go about getting rid of it afterwards?
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Morning protest [Feb. 1st, 2007|06:40 am]
The Boston Community
We're still on for this morning! As a reminder, we are meeting up at North Station at 8. There have been 2 men arrested. They are scheduled to be arraigned this morning at 9am, at the charlestown courthouse.

Bundle up and let's have fun! Meet up point is just inside the turnstiles.
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Mooninite Madness [Feb. 1st, 2007|07:21 am]
The Boston Community


[mood |coldcold]

Should the Mooninites be subpoenaed to appear in court, they have a wealth of snappy come backs to choose from when responding to the prosecutions questioning.
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Security Poll [Feb. 1st, 2007|08:54 am]
The Boston Community


[mood |awake]
[music |budgies in conference in next room]

You are in charge of security for a large city. There have been reports of strange devices with electronic parts attached to load bearing supports of key transportation infrastructure. Police investigating these reports confirm that these unknown devices do exist. You have no idea who planted the devices, how long they have been in place, or what their intended purpose is. Do you:

Close off the area and call in the bomb squad
Laugh it off as a publicity stunt.
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what is up, b0st0n? [Feb. 1st, 2007|09:19 am]
The Boston Community


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2007|09:30 am]
The Boston Community


Dear Mayor Menino, Martha Coakley, and Boston news organizations,

Please stop calling yesterday's debacle the result of a "hoax." There was no hoax. There was only a misinterpreted advertising campaign. Your continuous use of the word "hoax" implies that there was an intent on the part of the ad agency or the poor art school grad who placed the signs to cleverly deceive you into thinking that cartoon LED characters were actually bombs.

There was no intent, there was only the city's desire to "detonate" a "bomb" with a water cannon. Yes, you look stupid. Please accept it and move on, and drop the court case against the people who placed the signs. Their prosecution will only waste more public funds.

Hilariously yours,

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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2007|09:32 am]
The Boston Community


whoever went out to protest this morning - you made it into the globe already :D

keep fighting the good fight for the lulz! we shall never surrender
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1/31/07 World News Tonight? [Feb. 1st, 2007|10:12 am]
The Boston Community


It's a long shot, but does anyone have a copy of January 31st's bradcast of World News Tonight with Charles Gibson? I don't need the webcast, I need the honest to GOd TV broadcast. Out of all it's news programs, World News is the one ABC news show they don't have video for. My husband was shown briefly last night when they talked about the Doritos ad campaign, and I'd love to have a copy. Any help would be great.
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May I step in for a second please (Lulz free) [Feb. 1st, 2007|10:32 am]
The Boston Community
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Personal opinion behind cut, feel free to delete if inappropriateCollapse )
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2007|11:07 am]
The Boston Community



It is hilarious.
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Wow.... [Feb. 1st, 2007|11:28 am]
The Boston Community


Okay, I live in Atlanta and we've had the Mooninites up for months. My mom called me yesterday telling me what was going on (she's still lives up there) and I was able to tell her what movie they were for in about 2 minutes of the words Adult Swim coming out of her mouth. We've also had regualr billboards up with the Mooninites on them as well which probably made them more recognizable to people that don't watch the show. I think all this really proves that Adult Swim is not watched as much outside of their home town. Shame really, I love Adult Swim.

BTW, I love the icons and such that you guys are making, they're wonderful!
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2007|11:32 am]
The Boston Community


Poll #918548 Turner's intent poll

How did all of this happen?

It was a legitimate marketing campaign (Turner is not to blame at all).
It was a poorly planned event that should have been more clearly thought out, but there was no intent to cause hysteria.
Turner planned this event to cause hysteria and deliberately and choose bridges and had wires hanging off so that it would cause disruptions and give them plenty of publicity.
Both Turner and the city share equally in the blame for the hysteria
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BC/Harvard [Feb. 1st, 2007|11:48 am]
The Boston Community


[Current Location |Boston, MA]

BC and Harvard at the Beanpot on Monday at 8 PM tickets are for sale. I'm at work and the tickets are at home, but they're in the corner balcony. No other tickets (BC v. NU, Consolation and Championship) are available via me. I only cannot make BC and Harvard. If interested please leave a reply. Best offer (I bought them for 32) though Saturday at midnight will be taken, and you must be able to meet somewhere in Boston on Sunday for the tickets prior to 5 PM. Thanks guys.
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A philosophical question... [Feb. 1st, 2007|12:07 pm]
The Boston Community



If what caused all our turmoil was a litebrite with the image of Bill O'Reilly, and it was a guerrilla marketing campaign by Fox News, would we all be reacting the same way, or would our outrage be directed differently? Just wondering.

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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2007|12:22 pm]
The Boston Community

We could not have picked a better two people to support.

A++ for the hairstyles.
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2007|12:26 pm]
The Boston Community


I don't know if this had been posted or not, but it's a link to the kids website, with pictures of the "devices" all over town. It's kind of comical that somes of these "major points of transportation" that the lite brites were fixed to are like a BU building and Urban Outfitters....


The coppers stormed MassArt at about 6 last night equipped with guns and caution tape and evacuated the school because they realized we had one on the side of our building. This was at 6:15 man... A little excessive if you ask me, seeing they clearly knew they WEREN'T bombs.

Just Mumbles and Patrick trying to look less of assholes.
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Oh Peter and Stephen.....I love you [Feb. 1st, 2007|12:28 pm]
The Boston Community


[mood |amusedamused]

If anyone has been watching NECN these guys have been hilarious. They went on a ten-minute discussion about how nice Peter's hair was.
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face, meet egg [Feb. 1st, 2007|12:45 pm]
The Boston Community


[mood |annoyedannoyed]

i know some people might not care, but personally i'm embarassed that boston's getting ripped for mooningate or what have you. while over here in b0st0n we're all ripping on mumbles & co, as we should, zoom out a bit and what you'll hear is: boston is a shitty city, bostonians are idiots, etc. read some of these comments and tell me some don't boil your blood a bit: http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/01/31/advertising-campaign-causes-terror-scare/

that's one of many. perhaps the average joe initially didn't care about this, but the more this is thrown about in the echo chamber the worse we ALL look for it. we're getting dragged down in this because of the ineptitude of politicos/police/media/etc and i'm sure i'm not alone in saying that i don't like it. from the lameness of a few, the many look bad.

question is, what are we gonna do about it? any ideas?

[edit] this question is semi-serious :P
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2007|01:00 pm]
The Boston Community




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Protest pictures [Feb. 1st, 2007|01:00 pm]
The Boston Community
Here you go folks!Collapse )

There was a video taken as well. I'm sure that will pop up eventually.

PS: We totally just made CNN.
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Pictures of Mooninite Ordeal - Shared on my Facebook [Feb. 1st, 2007|01:30 pm]
The Boston Community


I've collecting all the pictures from this whole ordeal and putting them here check it out.

If you'd like "credit" or something as the caption of the photo please let me know what you want me to say.  I thought twice about sharing this with everyone here in case people complained.  But oh well, I think I collected a good amount of photos here that ought to be shared.

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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2007|01:47 pm]
The Boston Community


That is not a hair Question.
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2007|01:50 pm]
The Boston Community


I have never before not hated the lot of you so much. Except for the people who just joined yesterday. You suck. But the rest of you are alright. I'm amazed and happy that the outrage triggered by false fears that is gripping the rest of the commonwealth did not happen here. "Throw the book at them! They made me a-scared!" without thinking through how and why this happened is the scariest mentality I've seen in this "Post 9/11 world".

I also petition phatmike to play "I saw the sign" tommorow...

And I know, it's getting old. So how bout those Bruins?
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a lesson in internets [Feb. 1st, 2007|02:05 pm]
The Boston Community


since, with all the commotion, you seem to have forgotten.

this entry will produce a thread, you can comment in it.

b0st0n is not a thread.

so take a shit in here, and not on my flist.

thanks, it's been cool.
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Courthouse Shenanigans [Feb. 1st, 2007|02:23 pm]
The Boston Community


Hello all! I hope everyone else was as pleased with today's events as I was. I urge community members to keep a watch on CNN, NECN, and any local news networks. A lot of were interviewed quite a few times, spreading the voice of sanity.

Here's how it went down for everyone who wasn't there.

We showed up at the courthouse at around 8:20. The press was already there in droves, and right away one of the channels wanted a shot of us walking down the street with our "Never Forget!" posters. (Posters courtesy of Tracy and a 1am Kinko's run.) The press interviewed several of us and we gave our opinions on the overreaction of high level officials and the fact that none of this was intended and THERE WAS NO REAL HOAX.


A bunch of us attended the actual bail hearing as well. Rest assured that the presiding judge isn't going to hammer these guys without looking at facts. He asked the prosecuting attorney for clarification a few times, including with regards to whether there was in fact INTENT to cause uproar and panic.

Afterwards some of us chilled (literally; it was cold) outside the courthouse waiting for bail to be processed. Peter's foster mother expressed gratitude for our support, and we spoke with a few more press members.

I myself hung out until Peter and Sean's bail was processed. I chatted with some of Peter's friends about what BS a lot of this is.

One of the people I spoke with, Jeremy or "KB", has public access connections. Anyone who was there and is interested in participating in a half-hour spot about this can feel free to get in touch with him at jeremydharma@gmail.com.

One of Peter's friends, Joseph, requested one of the "Never Forget" posters. That poster is now in Peter's hands.

Perhaps the best part of all of this was when Peter and Sean came out and met the media swamp. Peter would only accept questions about hair. Check youtube later for an video of these; there was an independent journalist recording it who plans to upload it. As this was going on, one of the cameraman said to us "I'm so glad he's doing this. There are so many directors in newsrooms right now who have no idea how to handle this."

It's a possibility that the pair will appear on Good Morning America tomorrow meaning. Keep an eye out for that, and look for us on the news tonight!

Thanks to everyone who turned out for it. I felt we really had a positive impact there. Our voices were heard. Good game, guys.
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Er... Question? [Feb. 1st, 2007|02:38 pm]
The Boston Community
Alright, maybe I'm missing something, but I've got a question about the terroristplan/bomb/marketingcampaign/hoax I been hearin' oh so much about...

What did the damn things look like?

I've been reading Boston.com, AP articles, browsing pictures, and I feel like I keep getting different descriptions. One article implies that these were "packages" with wires and whatnot protruding from them. Others imply that they were completely unconcealed flashing neon lights in the shape of a cartoon character. It seems that the description gets a spin based on the reporter's bias ("those darn kids!" versus "Mayor Mumbles is an idiot!").

Does anyone have a picture of what these little critters looked like before they all got "detonated" with water cannons, or whatever? I feel like I can't decide how to feel about the reaction until I know which description is accurate: Creepy little wired boxes, or big fat cartoony signs?

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on a good note: CharlieTickets work bleachily. [Feb. 1st, 2007|02:44 pm]
The Boston Community


So as a welcome distraction from the Mooninite hysteria, an update about the CharlieTicket:

If it goes through the wash, even bleached and tumble-dried, it will still work!

Not that I speak through personal experience or anything. (No guarantees about what would happen to your T pass were it to get washed outside your pants pocket).

But, isn't this encouraging after all the Charlie-bashing that's been going on?
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That's not a hair question [Feb. 1st, 2007|03:39 pm]
The Boston Community


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This is not a mooninite post... [Feb. 1st, 2007|04:22 pm]
The Boston Community


Nor is it a hair post.

This is a 90s post.

Consider this your official b0st0n weekly pre-9/11 era meetup.

See you Friday!

(remember when media circuses involved people actually dying?)
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Howie Carr is a raging douchebag [Feb. 1st, 2007|04:33 pm]
The Boston Community


His take on the Aqua Teen sign ordeal...


Joke’s on terror-scare slacker ‘Borat’ now
By Howie Carr
Boston Herald Columnist
Thursday, February 1, 2007 - Updated: 03:40 PM EST

Peter “Borat” Berdovsky is officially a victim now. The poor newcomer to our shores (Really? He came here 11 years ago and he's a newcomer?), this wannabe political “refugee,” is being persecuted by The Man, made a fall guy by Big Animation for the moronic Turner Broadcasting terror stunt.

He’s a refugee all right - from a Beavis and Butthead episode. This nerd is the full slacker package - Mass. College of Art, a goatee, stringy hair, a self-described “artist” with an avant-garde rock band. The only fact that’s out of place is that he actually has his own place, but then, his mother is still in Europe (a long commute) and we’ll add a few points back to his overall slacker score for the fact that he lives in a “loft.”

So they were out there this morning at the Charlestown District Court, Borat Berdovsky’s fellow “artists,” the synonym for which is “unemployed.” The artists were protesting his incarceration, and holding signs saying “Never Forget.”

Dude, that’s easy for you to say. Never forget? You haven’t had any of this weed, man. It’s, like, totally. Uh, I lost my train of thought.

That’s one of the things about this moronic cartoon show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It’s only 15 minutes long, but if you’ve done a couple of bones, man, it seems like an hour. The “artists” are saying that the cops and the reporters are hopelessly lame because they don’t get off on a show in which one of the main characters is named “Meatwad.”

Dude, we’ve got, like, jobs. And kids.

“Anyone under the age of 35,” said one of the protestors, who was somehow able to get a day off from work, “knew this was a joke the minute they saw it.”
Yeah, anyone under the age of 35 who still lives at home with Mom, wears a baseball cap backwards and is saving money for a new tattoo.

Borat Berdovsky is from Belorusa... (Um do you mean Belarus, Howie? You might want to learn the name of a country before proceeding to berate it and the people that come from it.)... and now lives in Arlington, which was once a working-class town. But it has long since been now transformed by Cambridge potheads into another People’s Republic, represented in the legislature by the likes of Jim Marzilli. Needless to say, the Arlington moonbats are falling into line behind legal alien Borat.

Here’s an e-mail making the rounds in Arlington, sent by a woman named Hillary with a hyphenated last name:
“As a former Brackett After school parent, where Peter worked (maybe still works as far as I know), I know Peter as a nice guy who was great with the kids. My son described him as ‘gentle, peaceful, harmless.’ It’s a shame the way he’s being portrayed.”

Hillary, even your governor, Deval Patrick, is bent out of shape about this. No driver’s license for you, Borat!

Of course Mumbles Menino doesn’t help his own cause, going on national TV to rant about “suspicious bombs.” But that’s Mumbles. What exactly is Borat’s defense? Every time you walk into an airport terminal, what’s the first thing you hear on the loudspeaker?

“Do NOT leave luggage unattended. If you see any unattended packages, please alert authorities IMMEDIATELY.”
And this gentle, peaceful, harmless Russian, along with his sidekick, whom I hesitate to call a Townie because I’ll bet he grew up in the ’burbs, leave packages not only unattended, but they have wires coming out of them, and batteries, both of which the cops have been trained to look for.

Borat Berdovsky calls it “a work of art.” (Really? When did he say that? I love all the spin the story has been getting simply because Peter and Stephen are both freelance artists.)
That must be because the character is making an obscene gesture. Nothing says Art-with-a-capital-A like an upraised middle finger.

Hey Borat, you’re not a citizen? That’s too bad. How does five years at Cedar Junction sound, followed by a steerage-class flight back to the Third World hellhole from which you came, to annoy the taxpaying citizens? It’s from us to you, Borat. Don’t consider your deportation an obscene gesture. Think of it as a work of art, in progress.
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the moon rules [Feb. 1st, 2007|04:33 pm]
The Boston Community
I was out shooting pictures for a school assignment. I took the elevator to the top of this parking garage on the corner of mass ave and boylston right near berklee. I got to the top level of the garage, snapped five pictures of the skyline and took the elevator back down to street level.
I walked up mass ave about five blocks when two boston cruisers pulled up next to me accompanied by two security guards on foot. They had seen me on the security cameras in the garage and had tracked me down five blocks away. I showed them my student ID and explained what I was doing. They took down all my information (full name/address/school) They gave me a ten minute speech about how I should have asked permission to go to the top of the garage (a valid point) and kept saying "especially this day and age" and "terror alert." Ffinally they ended it with "especially with the events of yesterday," to which I said "Ah yes, the mooninites." They stared at me blankly and one of them eventually muttered "...Yeah."

They let me go and walked away. Once they were a little ways away from me one turns to the other and goes "What the hell is a mooninite?"
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One question the Mayor and Governor SHOULD be asking [Feb. 1st, 2007|04:47 pm]
The Boston Community
[Current Location |Cambridge]
[mood |worriedworried]

The day after the mooninite invasion there are far more questions than answers. But there is one question that should be front and center and so far the media has been ignoring it.

How could someone install a device 20 feet above a busway without anybody seeing anything?????

Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens may have done the City of Boston more good than harm when they installed those 38 lite brite devices all over the city because it exposes just how vulnerable we are to someone who would really want to hurt us.

Think about it.

Nobody saw or reported anything amiss when these "ads" were deployed. Nobody thought anything was unusual. THAT should frighten Mayor Menino and Governor Patrick far more than what actually happened yesterday. Peter and Sean could have been planting explosives just as easily as the lite brites. Every security measure implemented after 9/11 FAILED in this case and the Mayor and Governor instead of screaming at Turner Broadcasting should instead look in the mirror and ask 'how did we allow this to happen'. Don't think this hasn't gone unnoticed by real terrorist who now could think it would be easier to launch an attack against the city.

rest of my rant click here
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Words from a REAL authority [Feb. 1st, 2007|04:57 pm]
The Boston Community


Security guru Bruce Schneier weighs in. He and his commenters confirm that it doesn't take a cynical b0st0n snarkophile to come to the same conclusions as one.

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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2007|05:29 pm]
The Boston Community


someone posted a comment yesterday about an actual pipe bomb being found among all the goofy mooninites. well, here it is straight from bpdnews:

Six minutes later at 1:02 p.m. Boston Police received a call from New England Medical Center Security that they had uncovered a pipe bomb in their building in a desk drawer. Shortly thereafter Hospital Security reported that a suspect had been seen leaving the area of the pipe bomb in an agitated state stating “God is warning you that today is going to be a sad Day”. The suspect was reported to have fled the hospital. Boston Police continue to investigate this incident. No further details at this time.

At 1:08 p.m. the Boston Police Bomb Squad arrived and confirmed the existence of an item which appeared to be a pipe bomb inside the hospital.

well, shit.
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Oh zebro... [Feb. 1st, 2007|05:32 pm]
The Boston Community


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This is FUCKED UP: "Ad firm told suspect to stay mum" [Feb. 1st, 2007|06:12 pm]
The Boston Community


Okay so I know I laughed a long time over this, but this news is seriously FUCKED UP.  They knew by 1:30pm and didn't tell Boston city officials AND told Peter not to tell.  Peter therefore told his friends not to tell.  I don't think Peter should have listened to them... that may get him in a little bit of trouble... oy.

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Ticket --> Card [Feb. 1st, 2007|08:33 pm]
The Boston Community


[mood |relaxedrelaxed]

Not about Mooninites!

I got my February T pass in CharlieTicket form through my college and was told that I can put it on a CharlieCard at Downtown Crossing. This is a bit vague for me. Exactly where at Downtown Crossing can I do this, and how?
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Dear Howie Carr, [Feb. 1st, 2007|08:55 pm]
The Boston Community


[mood |cynicalcynical]

While you were busy whining about viral marketing and performance artists, you somehow neglected to comment on something that actually hurt people. Which happened in the same 48 hour period.

Note that the firefighter, who drove drunk, at over a hundred miles per hour, the wrong way down I-495, and injured three people, was released on personal recognizance, in other words, did not have to post bond on the basis of his good reputation.

Whereas two artists had to pay a total of $5,000 to guarantee they'd come back to court.

In conclusion, Mr. Carr, you're aiming at the easy target, not the right one. But aiming at the right one would be too hard.

I have more balls than you ever did,
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And now, ladies and gentlemen, here it is, your Moment of Denouement [Feb. 1st, 2007|10:31 pm]
The Boston Community


Music, maestro? *ahem*

You and I in our little workshop
Making LED lights from the money we got
Hanging glowies before dawn
Til one by one, they're all done
Three weeks later, MBTA subway
Worker sees one, he goes "Oh hey,
Better call the bomb squad by
Cause ninety-nine Mooninites have arrived"

Ninety-nine Mooninites
Hanging from the overpass
With their middle fingers high
As if to say "Hub, kiss my ass"
Here's Ignignokt, that one's Err
But Boston does not know for sure
The Aqua Teens are advertised
By ninety-nine Mooninites in the sky

Ninety-nine cops on the scene
Can't believe what they've just seen
There's batteries and wires, too
And no one knows just what to do
They look explosive, clench your fists
They must be from terrorists!
We better blast them to the sky
Cause ninety-nine Mooninites must die

Ninety-nine white vans arrive
All with TV crews inside
Everyone's a news reporter
Everyone's a Chet or Nat
Breathlessly they cause a panic
Are these bombs or just Satanic?
Suddenly the bloggers cry
"Wait a minute, those are Mooninites!"

Ninety-nine lulz we have had
And all because of Pete and Sean
It's all over, but Menino's mumbling
Words like "hoax" to hide his bumbling
Folks are selling souvenirs
To commemorate our Day of Fear
And here is a Mooninite
I check eBay and make my bid...
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